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Marone: SAC needed those with best interests at heart


I keep on thinking, and the more I hear about those SAC meetings the more I believe I might be right; perhaps the committee would have been better off if it was comprised of members who had no vested interest in Mountain View or its venues, but only had the best interest of the Sun City community at heart?

Here’s what I keep thinking about: the revenue that sustains Sun City is primarily a fixed income. We get a certain amount of finite dollars from our annual assessments and we can pretty much guarantee a certain minimum amount from PIF. We know we don’t really make any money off of golf and we are not a growing community with an expanding tax base.

It seems like the only thing growing in Sun City is our assets, but our income pretty much stays the same. We’ve grown when we purchased the property at Grand. We’ve grown when we built the Vintage Vehicle Facility, we’re going to grow when the softball facility is updated, and we’re going to grow when we finally build a PAC.
Each facility requires maintenance, staff, utilities, etc., and the cost of those requirements keeps on growing while our annual income base pretty much stays the same. And unless you want to continue to see your annual assessment substantially increase every year, there’s no way around it.

I’m not trying to deprive anybody from anything, but let’s think a little further into the future and stop looking at how we can grow Sun City, but rather how we can sustain Sun City.

With Fairway less than a mile away from Mountain View, it doesn’t make any sense to me to duplicate many of the same amenities. Besides, where do you suppose all those Mountain View participants will go for the three-plus years that Mountain View will be closed?

Just look at where we are right now! We’re $20 million behind in maintenance, we don’t have enough staff to perform the maintenance, and our salary base is so low we lose almost 50% of our employees every year.

You can always keep people happy if you keep on giving them stuff, but that all comes with a price. Smarter heads need to prevail or else in the not too distant future Sun City will no longer be a desirable place to live. Our facilities will deteriorate while our assessments continue to increase.

You can call me what you wish, but this is how I see the future unless we really start thinking about the future.
This SAC committee reminds me of Veruca from Willy Wonka: “I want it now”

Of course this is just my opinion!