Maricopa County adds 221 cases, 18 deaths


The number of both new virus cases and deaths in Maricopa County rebounded Tuesday after a dip Sunday and Monday.

County health department preliminary numbers showed 221 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday and 18 new deaths from the virus. Tuesday’s numbers are a stark increase from Sunday and Monday when the county averaged 111 daily cases and subtracted seven deaths previously attributed to the coronavirus from the county’s virus death toll. On the other hand, Tuesday’s new case numbers were still nowhere near the spike of 514 new cases on Saturday nor did Tuesday match Saturday’s death total of 24.

County cases and deaths have been returning to the levels they were at before the summer surge. COVD-19 cases peaked in the county in late June and early July, according to data from the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, reaching 3,825 cases in a day on June 29. In the most recent day of complete data, Thursday, Sept. 10, the county’s seven-day daily average was 182 cases, the lowest it’s been since May 25, just before the county’s surge.

The county’s surge in coronavirus-related deaths has lagged a couple weeks after the surge in cases, as is typical with COVID-19 reporting. The county’s worst single-day death total was 66 on July 15. Daily death totals declining steadily but have not declined to the level they were at before the county’s surge. In the most recent day of complete data, Saturday, Aug. 29, the seven-day daily average was 12 deaths a day, the smallest its been since June 13, just after the start of the county’s surge in deaths. In early June and prior, before the surge, county death totals were consistently below 10 a day.