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Kent Ray Myers


Kent Ray Myers was born March 15, 1943 in Alexander, Iowa, the youngest of five boys. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1963 after realizing he would never be a farmer. He earned his success and valued his failures. 

He couldn’t get hired at a gas station, a carpet store, anywhere. College didn't fit. He “apprenticed” under his brother, Lon, becoming a traveling salesmen peddling women’s hosiery. He soon went to work for himself and he never looked back. He championed startups, manufactured motorcycle leathers, and closed out his last two decades as a successful land developer. Failing better all the while.

He passed away January 12, 2022 in his home with his family by his side. He is survived by his wife Roslyn “Roz” Myers, his daughters Julie Myers (Jory Adam) and Kristi Myers, his three grandchildren, Liam, Torin, and Nora, and his brothers, Lon, Kae, and Glen Myers. He was preceded in death by his parents, Kenneth and Nellie Myers and his eldest brother, Larry Myers.

He was a complicated man- so loving, so stoic and brave, so generous with his friends and family. He was private. He was sentimental, cranky, and stubborn and, well, stubborn. And, we miss him.

A true patriot and a Reagan Republican. A Mason. A pilot. Self taught. Excited by entrepreneurship and a lover of small businesses; he had no time for instructions, directions, or directives.  He was uniquely Kent, the president of nonconformity and the stitch in the side of those who play by the rules, though he never cheated or was unfair. 

He was a good Dad and he knew it. Kent was a faithful husband, a steadfast son with four brothers who he couldn’t have ribbed nor loved more. He enjoyed his grandchildren tremendously. A mentor. A tough, but tender parent. Proud of being a provider. Proud of his legacy. 

In high school, he wore the same sweatshirt everyday for a year as a rebuke to someone who questioned his style. He rode to Alaska on a motorcycle with his childhood friend, Galen at 19. Later he would travel to over 60 countries with his wife. He wanted to know the world. He once loved hunting and later just loved to watch the animals roam free. A founding member of the “Charm Club,” he looked forward to his weekly lunches with his buddy, Roger.

He often looked to the stars with such wonder and reminded us to look to them after he was gone and know he was there.

In lieu of flowers, hug the ones you love. You never know when you will lose your chance.