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James: Fountain Hills’ town employees are impressive


I’m so impressed every time I listen to staff members report to the Town Council. The Town’s employees work hard to solve our problems on a shoestring budget. They are very talented, hard-working and competent.

At the most recent council meeting, we saw just how much work and expertise goes into designing culverts and finding solutions for rainwater runoff. Not a very noticeable task until it rains and we realize what a problem it is.

The town staff deals with important problems like this every day. They don’t just hire outside companies to fix the problems; they do the work in-house to save the town money by not hiring outside architects and engineers to design the projects. They have always been proactive by saving materials, such as rocks and boulders to use in future projects.

They are patient and professional, even when some council members are disrespectful and seem to think they know more about engineering and infrastructure maintenance than the staff. When the staff brings a recommendation to the council, it is after a huge amount of time and thought has gone into the idea. When a council member then starts to pick it apart, it must be discouraging.

Thanks to the town employees for working so hard and for sticking with us!

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