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Heimbuch: Christian nationalism has been taking hold


Christmas is past and the new year is dawning, time for a little reflection.

In embracing Jesus, a teacher who was humble, full of grace and of love, his virtues we are told to emulate. To love one another, his greatest commandment. But, now with the rise Christian nationalism, his teachings have been cast aside as too woke, too unmanly. Healing the sick? Welcoming immigrants? Helping the poor among you?

To quote the former President, Jimmy Carter, “Evangelical Christianity has been hijacked by people who would have given Jesus himself the boot if he’s knocked at the door.”  

The Christian nationalism that has been taking hold in our country can be seen in the microcosm of our small town. "Us" and "Them" divisions are certainly damaging our sense of community, as well as nationhood. Locally a town councilman is in photos endorsing the symbols of Christian nationalists, but from what I have seen that means strutting around with your name emblazoned on your chest and denigrating your neighbors in the worst possible ways. Like the stocks of the olden days, his social media accounts parade his perceived enemies up for community scorn, over and over. Pride in his prejudices!

If we really want to have a community and nation that comes together with respect, humility and love for one another that actually succeeds, we need to stop taking marching orders from faux religious right-wing politicians. They have proven they only really care about themselves and self-promotion.

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