Geambasu: The benefits of installing a reverse osmosis water system


Installing an alkalizer reverse osmosis water system in your home provides you with more than just cleaner water. It offers several benefits for your home.

Installing an alkalizer reverse osmosis system provides you and your family safer, better-tasting water while also making a difference for the environment and reducing household expenses.

In my over 25 years as a plumber here are the key benefits I discuss with homeowners when they are deciding on a reverse osmosis water system for their home.

Fewer contaminants

Installing an alkalizer reverse osmosis system in your home removes many contaminants from your water. Reverse osmosis eliminates at the molecular level while keeping all the good parts of the water preventing unwanted residue. Common contaminants alkalizer reverse osmosis systems eliminate include lead, iron, calcium and manganese which can be harmful if consumed in high quantities.

Better tasting water

After installing a reverse osmosis system, you may notice your water looks clearer. As a bonus the water will taste better than before also. Alkalizer reverse osmosis water has regularly been rated as having a better taste compared to normal tap water which may contain, chlorine, dirt, rust, sulfur and other minerals that alter the taste.

Improved health

Along with taking out contaminants from your drinking water, alkalizer reverse osmosis systems provide holistic health benefits.

Alkalizer reverse osmosis uses a semipermeable filter to eliminate impurities, chemicals, bacteria and toxins from your water.

If your home receives its water through a well, alkalizer reverse osmosis is especially beneficial in removing debris and bacteria. Cleaner water also means a healthier home, a safer way to hydrate, better water for cooking and healthier skin since the reverse osmosis system leaves no residue.

An alkalizer reverse osmosis system — compared to bottled water (both individual and 5 gallons) — the water is exposed to heat during transportation creating a higher chemical reaction that effects your health. The water produced in your own home is not only fresh, it’s healthier than any delivery product.

From cleaner drinking water, better health and lower contaminants, there are many reasons why you should consider installing an alkalizer reverse osmosis water filtration system in your home. If you aren’t sure if an alkalizer reverse osmosis system is right for you contact your local plumber for a consultation.

Editor’s note: Constantin Geambasu is the owner of Water Rehab in Gilbert, waterrehabaz.com. The company’s team of water treatment specialists install and repair water purification systems as well as provide emergency plumbing. Geambasu has more than 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry learning his craft in Romania before immigrating to Arizona.