DUI arrests, speeding citations down over Thanksgiving traffic enforcement in Arizona


The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety released statistics on a statewide DUI enforcement over the holiday weekend, and the overall numbers are down, partially due to the lower number of traffic stops than in recent years.

According to the statistics released Monday afternoon, authorities conducted 10,507 traffic stops between Nov. 27 and 30, down from 13,071 over a four-day period in November 2018 and 13,216 over a four-day period in November 2017.

Authorities arrested 330 people for DUI, including 37 for aggravated DUI and 64 for extreme DUI, which requires a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 or higher. Those numbers are down from 52 and 88, respectively, last year.

Authorities handed out 206 seat belt citations and 37 child restraint citations, down from 321 and 54, respectively, in 2018.

Authorities handed out 136 criminal speeding citations, which required a speed of 20+ mph over the speed limit. Last year, 222 such citations were handed out. Authorities dished out 2,130 civil speed citations, down from 3,150 the year before.

Eleven minors were caught driving under the influence.

The average known BAC over the four-day period was 0.139, down from 0.158 last year.

Over 2,500 officers/deputies participated in the enforcement, down from 2,963 in 2018.