Arizona agencies bust illegal casino operation in Phoenix, Scottsdale


The Arizona Department of Gaming is seeking multiple criminal charges related to an underground casino operation in the Valley.

“The Arizona Department of Gaming takes its duty to enforce the gambling laws in our state seriously,” Ted Vogt, ADG Director, stated in a release. “We appreciate our ongoing partnerships with the Phoenix Police Department and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in our efforts to stop illegal gambling and its associated crimes.”

On Wednesday, the ADG and the Phoenix Police Department executed search warrants at six separate locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale related to an underground gambling operation.

Officers seized seven casino-style video poker gaming devices, six ATM kiosks, eight sweepstakes internet cafe computers and close to $7,000 in cash, a release states.

The ADG interviewed six people involved in the gambling operation, who later were released pending charges being filed by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

The ADG will seek multiple charges that may include money laundering, illegal control of a criminal enterprise, promoting and benefiting from gambling, possession of gambling devices and records, sale of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The ADG began this investigation in March, which involved infiltrating an underground casino, known as Tom’s Amusement or Tom’s Warehouse, located near 21st and Peoria avenues.

During the investigation, officers purchased illicit drugs and a firearm. The ADG and Phoenix police served warrants at four other locations in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale.

The ADG’s ongoing collaboration with state and local law enforcement agencies and other partners has helped shut down dozens of illegal gambling businesses in the last few years alone, making Arizona’s communities safer, the release states.

Officials said these establishments are usually located near residential neighborhoods and often attract other criminal activity when left unchecked.

Anyone with information about suspected illegal gambling anywhere in Arizona can contact the ADG at 602-771-4263.