For the Best Scottsdale campaign: Thank You Scottsdale


Election Day was a historic day for Scottsdale — in more ways than one.

We want to thank all the Steering Committee members, donors and supporters who helped Scottsdale approve its first major bond package in 19 years. Your work was essential.

Voters overwhelmingly approved questions 1, 2 and 3 with a landslide 70 percent of the vote.

The margin of victory and the critical infrastructure investments approved in the bond questions are watershed moments for Scottsdale and our community’s future.

The campaign was also historic because it brought together a diverse and sometimes disparate coalition of supporters all working together for the best Scottsdale, the city we love.

Supporters came from all parts of Scottsdale, all walks of life and sometimes from opposite political corners. We learned from the Scottsdale City Council (which unanimously supported all three questions) to work together, find consensus and listen to each other.

We all know that is not easy to in this age of social media and has not always been easy in Scottsdale.

Voters recognized our positive-and coalition-building campaign. They saw how the City Council crafted a fiscally responsible bond package with needed investments. Voters saw what the bonds would do for Scottsdale’s present and future.

All that helped galvanize groundbreaking support.

Question 1 (which invests in senior centers and parks) got 69 percent of the vote. Question 2 (which makes infrastructure repairs and improves WestWorld of Scottsdale) got more than 67 percent. Question 3 (which invests in public safety and technology upgrades) received a whopping 73 percent of the vote.

We hope our campaign shows the way for future efforts in Scottsdale. We are blessed to live in a wonderful city. We found a way to come together, to see what is important for our community and positively work toward that goal.

We hope that leaves a lasting impression.

Again, Thank You.

Editor’s Note: Andrea Alley, Dana Close, Paula Sturgeon, Dennis Robbins and Mike Norton are co-chairs of the For The Best Scottsdale Campaign.