Pace: Thank you Paradise Valley voters, our town election is critical


Thank you to each person who signed or circulated a petition for me for mayor and other quality-of-life and preservation-oriented candidates, such as Councilmember Ellen Andeen and Christine Labelle, to place us on the ballot for mayor and council at the Aug. 2 election.

We appreciate residents participating in the process so we can work together to continue to fight for the quality of life in our special town. The three of us turned in over 1,000 resident signatures! Thank you PV!

The Aug. 2 election is critical. Up to six resorts may be going through the development and SUP process. Key players of the resort development community and their lawyers and representatives are supporting others. This election matters.

I am the only candidate that residents can trust as mayor who has been consistent to protect resident interests and transparency in town’s actions. I have a strong and consistent track record of fighting to preserve our quality of life.

We can look around our community and see when mistakes have been made in the past by trusting the wrong candidates who allowed over-development or looked the other way and failed to protect our town. Please choose candidates who have a consistent track record and commitment to keep the paradise in Paradise Valley!

Residents want and deserve responsible and mindful development that fits the character of our community, not over-development. I and others who are like-minded can ensure that happens. I am not anti-all development, but I am for responsible and mindful development. There is a big difference.

I applaud the efforts of architects and developers who achieve designs and density that are mindful of the surrounding area and special community we live in with our mountain views, open space and desert ambiance. We have many good examples of this.

I was awarded the Rio Salado Chapter of the American Institute of Architects award for “Contributions to the Built Community” so I understand and can influence and support responsible development.

I stood against a resort building a five-plex party and rooftop wedding complex overlooking a single family residence. My opposition prevented it from going forward.

I stood against a resort building with three story balconies overlooking single family residences.

I led an effort against a 64-foot high structure to be built high on Camelback Mountain and that the town staff supported. That land is now preserved as open space.

One of the other candidates has published a written statement that “I pledge to work with any developer for a resort to get it built as quickly as possible.” Please pay attention, the next generations are counting on each of us to make the right decisions on choosing the next mayor and councilmembers. Your vote matters on Aug. 2.

I have successfully led many grassroots efforts to preserve Paradise Valley. I have and will continue to work collaboratively with residents, staff, and my peers on council to address quality of life issues, including traffic congestion, public safety, density, and preserving our town’s unique residential character.

I led the effort to meet with engineers, custom homebuilders, staff, residents and my peers on council to draft and implement a construction staging plan on Hillside, updating restrictions on dynamiting on the mountains, and developing the Hillside Safety Improvement Plan.

I have 30 years experience as an employment and construction lawyer for companies, and I have experience writing, advocating and successfully getting legislation adopted or bills modified or killed at the Legislature and that knowledge will help preserve our unique town. I believe in bringing stakeholders together to find solutions.

Consistent track records count, not words. Do not be fooled by misinformation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I am excited to work with a synergistic and refreshed council team who can all work together to focus on the town’s business without distractions. Our town’s future looks bright.

Learn more about quality of life and preservation-oriented candidates who are all smart, business professionals, independent, hard-working doers who collaborate and network to protect our Town at paceforpv.com, ellenandeenpv.com and labelleforpvcouncil.com

Editor’s Note: Julie Pace is a Paradise Valley councilmember, former vice mayor, lawyer, and a candidate for mayor in the Aug. 2 primary election.