Dougherty: Labelle cares for Town of Paradise Valley


My wife and I have been town residence for more than two decades. We moved into our second home within the town in 2002.

Many know, we saved a space-age 1961 Ross Schupbach/Keller Construction Co. home from the wrecking ball. We have watched in horror as some of the most magnificent architecture from the late 1950s through the early 70s, was scrapped and carted away on flatbed trucks.

We have witnessed the triumphs of the greatly changed The Sanctuary, The Hermosa Inn and El Chorro Lodge. We were disappointed with the end result of both Montelucia and Mountain Shadows, as many others were.

Change is good, but in our town, little seems to be preserved. Lot value have overridden good taste in many circumstances. We have known Paradise Valley Town Council candidate Christine Labelle for almost three decades. She is a second-generation town resident, who genuinely cares about the future of Paradise Valley.

Her stance on architectural preservation, slow growth, mountain preservation and minimal resort growth, are things we honestly believe in. We have all watched the countless blunders that have happened to remodeled resorts, setbacks, and heaped home lots. This is a beautiful and magnificent place to live. We have all worked extremely hard to reside here.

Christine Labelle grew up here and her motives are pure. She is not a member of the “good old boys club.” Her belief in keeping our heritage along with a vision for tomorrow and greatly appreciated.