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Overson: When it comes to roofing find an honest roofer

Your roof is one of the biggest, most important and most expensive structures in your home. A mistake on your roof can cost you even more money and even put you and your family in danger. It is …

Serrano-Keel: Wear pink to raise awareness of breast cancer

October marks a significant occasion for my family as my sister, Stephanie Serrano, lost her six-year battle to breast cancer two years ago. Stephanie co-owned Serrano’s Mexican Restaurants …

Funk: Why ranch-style homes are popular, perfect for aging in place

Throughout the past two decades, we have seen a number of new and modern housing styles that have propped up in communities across the country, but throughout this time one of the most popular and …

Ask ADOT: Why are Arizona's highway signs green?

Most weeks in our hectic world, there’s just no time to contemplate everything that surrounds us. But there are times when a question will spontaneously pop into our brains, right between the …

Herrington: CDC urges vaccination for pregnant women

Waiting on COVID-19 vaccination because you are pregnant creates unnecessary risks for you and for your pregnancy. That’s the focus of an emergency announcement recently from the Centers for …

Kosky: Get ready for 2022 Medicare annual enrollment

The annual Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan enrollment period is approaching. From Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, millions of people eligible for Medicare can sign up, switch or leave a …
Nonpartisan Cartoons

Nonpartisan Cartoons

The Daily Independent at YourValley.net does not take political positions. We publish political cartoons because we know readers enjoy them, and we try to present a balanced variety of opinions. We …
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Teckenbrock: Happy to see planned Mesa bicycle routes

Mesa bicycle lanes and paths are great (“$20M earmarked for Mesa bicycle, walking paths,” on the front page of the October 2021 Mesa Independent). I ride an average of 25 miles every …

Rigler: Specialists use contact tracing to curb the spread of COVID-19

Friday, Oct. 1 was the 10th annual National Disease Intervention Specialists Recognition Day, the day honoring health care professionals who are crucial in the effort to disrupt the transmission of deadly infectious diseases by connecting people who have been exposed to care and services using a method called contact tracing, which has been vital during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Senators: Let’s keep America’s small businesses open with innovation

As America celebrates National Small Business Week and the hardworking entrepreneurs who form the backbone of our economy, policymakers must do more than recognize the vital contributions of small businesses. Indeed, Congress must redouble its determination to support small business owners and the nearly 60 million workers they employ following a year in which “the pandemic resulted in the permanent closure of roughly 200,000 U.S. establishments above historical levels.”
Mireya Arroyo

Arroyo: Don’t touch our Medicare

No one was sure what COVID-19’s pandemic impact would be on our community, let alone the world. Not only did my entire family catch COVID-19 in 2020, but we’ve now caught the delta …

Gates: We must work together to combat domestic violence in our communities

Dear friends, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Combating domestic violence is one of the most important challenges we face today, and COVID-19 has only exacerbated the problem.

Herrington: There’s a public health role in creating a weather-ready nation

Many issues related to weather can impact your health. Wildfires spawned by lightning can cause respiratory illnesses from smoke and poor air quality. Flash flooding has led to numerous rescues from vehicles and homes. Last year, extreme heat sent at least 2,414 people to Arizona emergency rooms and contributed to 522 deaths.

Bloomer: Can fitness, exercise protect you from COVID-19? Here's why that's not enough

Can healthy people who eat right and exercise skip the COVID-19 vaccine? A research scientist and fitness enthusiast explains why the answer is no I’m a fitness enthusiast. I also adhere to …

Statement from Maricopa County Chairman Jack Sellers about the Sept. 24 Senate audit hearing

Members of the Board of Supervisors watched the Senate/Cyber Ninja hearing and the County’s social media team, working with elections professionals, responded to allegations in real time.  …

Statement from Maricopa County Chairman Sellers about the draft Senate audit report

You don’t have to dig deep into the draft copy of the Arizona Senate/Cyber Ninja audit report to confirm what I already knew – the candidates certified by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General – did, in fact, win. This means the tabulation equipment counted the ballots as they were designed to do, and the results reflect the will of the voters.  That should be the end of the story.  Everything else is just noise.

Sjolander: September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

With Arizona marking September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on many stressors, including emotional hardships, that can impact the overall health and mental well-being of Arizonans. It has never been more important for us to stay connected to the people we care about.

Maricopa County Supervisor Chucri: I am resigning effective Nov. 5, 2021

It’s hard to believe I have been involved in Arizona politics now for 28 years. When I first ran for Maricopa County Supervisor in 2012, I campaigned to bring civility, innovation and most …
Sandra Zebrowski

Zebrowski: Bringing behavioral health into the spotlight

Behavioral health has always been as important as physical health, and the COVID-19 pandemic brought it out of the shadows and into the spotlight. The tight relationship between behavioral and …
Denise McCreery

McCreery: Supporting Arizona small businesses is our collective responsibility

National Small Business Week is a time to celebrate entrepreneurs and small business owners all across the country. Today, Arizona is home to more than 550,000 small businesses, employing an …
Marian McGill

McGill: Golf is changing and clubs must follow

Two of the biggest topics buzzing around our industry these days are the resurgence of golf and how to make the sport, and private golf clubs, more inclusive. Our core demographic is changing and if …
Laura Sullivan

Sullivan: Make a difference with Jack Sullivan Foundation for Life and Learning

My oldest son Jack is 22 and has profound autism. I am his voice and I type these words on his behalf. Although he is a fantastic typist — and addicted to his computer and Kindle — he is …

Richards: What about preserving our sensitive Arizona desert?

The Hawes Trail System in Mesa is a win for mountain bikers but a loss for our Sonoran Desert and its unique plants and animals. Sixty-two miles of trails have carved up 10 square miles of the Tonto …
Andrew J. Kuzyk

Kuzyk: Mesa resident rescues abandoned desert tortoises

In most cases, a pet dog or cat will do just fine. But, how about adopting a pet that could live for 100 years or longer?“Kuzyk Turtle Rescue” is providing good forever homes for …
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