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Smialek: 4 Superfoods to strengthen your immune system this cold, flu season

As we find ourselves in the midst of the cold and flu season, strengthening our immune system becomes paramount in maintaining optimal health and well-being for the entire family. While practicing …

Wheatley, Goodman: Hobbs must restore SR 24 funds

On Jan. 12, Gov. Hobbs released her Fiscal Year 2024-2025 Executive Budget proposal. While we recognize the state is facing a budgetary shortfall this year, we didn’t expect to see a proposed …

Mermon: Focus on Gilbert safety record misdirected

The January Mesa Independent community newspaper headlines Gilbert as the second safest municipality per population and per FBI. For a touted “community paper," I’m struck by the lack of …

Coon: Foster success through mentorships

As January unfolds, so does the spotlight on mentors and the profound impact they, whether formal or informal, can have on your personal and professional development. This month marks National …

Lamber: Let’s get behind Tempe’s Operation Slow Down

As a dedicated advocate for public safety, I’m profoundly conscious of the dangers lurking on our roads. Initiatives like Tempe’s Operation Slow Down strike a particularly resonant chord …

Baxters: Attend launch in Mesa of Fight For a Living Wage nonprofit

When my wife, Shannon, and I opened Beanchain Coffee seven months ago, it was the manifestation of a very big dream. We wanted to create the kind of business that was about worker respect, community …

Reveles: Supervisors should lead Pinal County’s political factions in reconciliation

The following statement was made at the Jan. 3 meeting of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors: Three years ago on Jan. 6, 2021, you and I witnessed a day of infamy. The first time that a …

Fassbender: Event honoring interred veterans a success

Richard: Just a quick note to say thank you for your support during this year for our veteran events. Without your coverage of the Wreaths Across America, I doubt if we could have been able to honor …

Dilk, Caradonna: How to properly store, dispose important papers

As the year ends, it is a great time to declutter and organize your important documents. Whether you have stacks of old bills, receipts, bank statements or other sensitive documents, proper …

Moss: What to know when registering your out-of-state vehicle

Moving to a new home is always stressful. It becomes even more complicated when moving to a new state. After settling in the last thing you want to do is to go sit at an MVD field office all day to …
Take the Civility Pledge

Civility Checklist

How to engage in respectful, honest & civil dialogue about public issues.

Checkmark Take the high road.  Respond to the topic — not the person. Refrain from demonizing others for their opinions. Assume those you disagree with are, like you, genuinely interested in improving the community.

Checkmark Be respectful. Bullying, public humiliation, insults, name-calling, harassment, and threats directed at another person — or that person's race, gender, religion, ethnicity, etc. — have no place in civil discussions. Find ways to respectfully disagree without questioning someone's character or motives.

Checkmark Be truthful. Base your opinions/arguments on facts. Value honesty. Make only accurate statements when making your point and avoid exaggeration and stereotypes. When appropriate, cite your sources of information that others may question. 

Checkmark Don't misrepresent. Always identify your opinions as opinions (not stating opinions as facts). Never misrepresent the views of others or falsely claim your opinions represent someone else. If quoting the words of others, identify and credit the source.

Checkmark Listen  & learn. It's both polite and respectful to listen to those we disagree with (as well as those we support) and be genuine in our attempts to understand their point of view. Expand your mind by thoughtfully seeking out views that don't agree with your own.

CheckmarkLook for common ground. When disagreeing with others, look for even small areas of agreement — which can be the gateway to working together for the greater good.

Checkmark Respect privacy. Keep private things private — whether it involves your own information or those with whom you disagree. Revealing private information about someone else is rude, unethical, potentially harmful and, in many cases, illegal.

Checkmark Set a good example. Practice civil behavior online as well as in public and in your interaction with others. Encourage others to practice these civil behaviors. And it's OK to challenge disrespectful behavior — but be courteous, respectful and helpful in your approach.

Now that you've read the checklist, take the Civility Pledge. 

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Everything you wanted to know about the World Series … but were afraid to ask

Imagine you’re at an outdoor dinner party (yes, COVID-friendly). It’s October, and the conversation steers towards the World Series. While you are generally culturally literate, you know …

Christensen: Health literacy more important than ever for Arizonans in ongoing COVID-19 crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions across the country, and Arizona has not been spared. This virus and its resulting economic fallout have put a harsh spotlight on rising health care …
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