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Rains: Summer home upgrades for East Valley homeowners


Arizona summer is upon us, and as the temperatures rise, people are spending more time indoors and seeking ways to enhance their living space to make hanging out at home more bearable.

As a Realtor and leader of a successful East Valley real estate team, I know from experience that many homeowners hire remodeling teams in the summer. And, with the right upgrades to your outdoor spaces, not only will your home exude a chic aesthetic, but you’ll also see a great return on investment come selling season. Intrigued? Here are a few top-notch home upgrades that East Valley homeowners are raving about this summer.

New paint job

Painting the exterior of your home is a simple upgrade that goes a long way in changing the feel of your home and improving home values for prospective buyers.

The exterior is your home’s first impression. An excellent exterior paint job makes your home look brand new and gives a positive first impression to visitors and potential buyers.

If you are looking to paint your home as a means to increase your home value, it is important that you use neutral colors. White, black or beige colors look good to 99% of homebuyers. A yellow or pink house might be the perfect color for you, but it could scare some buyers away.

One of the simplest ways to make your home look brand new this summer is to paint the exterior.

Outdoor Kitchens as beautiful as indoor kitchens

Arizona summers mean kids are out of school, backyard BBQs and pool parties. Whether you’re already enjoying poolside hangouts with your family or simply dreaming of enhancing your outdoor space, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition for any homeowner. Outdoor kitchens are among the most popular summer upgrades because East Valley homeowners love spending most of the year outside.

Tom Smith is the owner of the landscape design company Desert Designer Landscape and Development in Tempe. He said outdoor kitchens are a must-have for East Valley homeowners looking to entertain for summer pool parties or spring outdoor dining.

“East Valley homeowners have been going all out with outdoor kitchen designs,” Smith said. “They are installing large six-burner grills, massive ice chest, fridge, big quartz counter tops, stools for lots of seating.”

Outdoor improvements don’t often increase home values by much, but an outdoor kitchen is an exception to that rule. Modern outdoor kitchen upgrades rival indoor kitchen remodels in quality, making them an addition that is hard for buyers to resist.

Misters on a hot day

It is hard to enjoy an outdoor space when it is 100-plus degrees outside. No one is comfortable sweating in a dry heat and it is a shame if your outdoor space is unusable for any part of the year. One of the best ways to extend the time spent outdoors is to add a misting system to your backyard space.

Constantin Geambasu, owner of water treatment company Water Rehab in Gilbert, said a mister is a simple addition that can help you enjoy your outdoor space all summer long.

“Arizona summers are becoming unbearable and it is a shame that so many families don’t get to enjoy large portions of their home because it is too hot outside,” Geambasu said. “A misting system is a simple set up that allow you to use an outdoor space all summer long.”

Misters don’t add much to the value of your home, but they are a nice addition, and potential buyers could be impressed they can use a nice outdoor space on a very hot day.

Summer is a great time to upgrade your home. Take the summer months as a time to figure out how you can make your home better work for you all year long.

Rebecca Hidalgo Rains is an expert in East Valley real estate with more than 30 years experience helping Valley residents buy and sell homes. Go to https://www.integrityallstars.com/.

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