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Robinson: It’s time for us to choose better leaders for Arizona


I don’t write this to try and tell or convince you how to vote or whom to vote for.

That is your right to choose.

I only write this to urge you not to waste your vote. Some candidates running, in my opinion, don’t deserve re-election.

Recalling the vote of 2020, when at least 2 of our illustrious leaders, Mr. Paul Gosar and Mr. Andy Biggs, tried to stop our (Arizona) votes from being counted. Does Arizona need politicians who are OK with a blatant disregard for your rights?

Now, with the recent shootings that have taken place, it’s about time to replace those who stand by and opt to do nothing. This tells me they would rather put a zero value on life rather than upset the flow of cash coming from the gun lobby.

Your Choice!