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Caradonna: Security companies much properly destroy, recycle hard drives


Properly disposing of important documents and electronics is an important security step for any business. Firms request the services of document shredding companies regularly and companies that do the job properly will dispose of your information in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

One of the most important services security companies are offering right now is hard drive destruction. This service securely destroys hard drives and sends them out to have the spare parts recycled.

Proper hard drive destruction destroys a hard drive enough to ensure your sensitive information is safe from people who would try to steal it. The demand for this service means many prospective business owners are looking to get into the business; however, it is important to learn how to implement a hard drive destruction service properly.

Here are a few things to consider when implementing a hard drive destruction service that keeps privacy and the environment at the forefront.

Work with companies licensed by NAID

The main reason firms hire someone to securely destroy their hard drives is to protect their data. If you are not protecting your client’s personal information every step of the way then you are not doing your job. This means that the recycling company you use must also protect your client’s data.

You should not recycle destroyed hard drives with a company that lacks certification by the National Association for Information Destruction. NAID AAA certification is key to ensuring your client’s hard drive is being recycled with the protection of your information in mind. Data security is a top issue in the business world and firms are always looking to work with companies that take the prevention of data theft seriously.

Recycling hard drives and other electronics is not the same as disposing of cardboard. Not every recycler is equipped to go through the process of protecting your electronic information after you have sent it to be recycled.

A NAID recycler regularly receives independent audits of its data destruction policy ensuring that your client’s data is safe.

If you are looking to get into the hard drive destruction business you have to make sure the processors you work with have as much of a commitment to protecting sensitive data as you do.

Buy the right equipment

Before you can find someone to securely recycle your electronics you need to make sure you have the proper equipment to properly destroy a hard drive so it can be properly recycled and impossible to mine for data.

The most important thing you will need is a hard drive shredder. A hard drive that goes through a shredder is being completely destroyed and can not be resold. You can then recycle nearly 100% of the metal recovered from the shredder. Hard drives contain aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and also have a tiny amount of precious metals such as silver or gold.

You will want to buy a shredder that can shred both hard drives and SSDs. Hard drives are still more commonplace in any office but SSDs are becoming more frequently used. A shredder that can properly destroy both storage devices will help make recycling and data protection easier.

You may need to upgrade your electrical panel to deal with the extra power of the machine. We also invested in a mobile generator so we can bring our hard drive services to the client’s office.

Seek out a recycler who self-reflects

Licensed NAID recyclers will receive a yearly audit from the association, but good recycling firms will also audit themselves for quality assurance. I would recommend recycling your hard drives with a recycling company that conducts regular self-audits.

A vendor willing to self-audit is a vendor who is objectively trying to find successes, find failures and improve their processes.

An ethical recycler wants to account for every piece of electronic material you and their clients give them. A vendor who self-audits is one you want to work with.

ProShred Arizona, https://www.proshred.com/greater-phoenix, is a secure document shredding service that helps businesses safeguard their private information.

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