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Sims: Surprise residents don't see financial benefit of spring training baseball


I just watched a story on ABC15 about the World Series and the Surprise baseball facility was highlighted as a Cactus League host with Mayor Skip Hall.

While he didn't cite a dollar amount, one of the prominent points of the story was how the Cactus League brings more than $700 million to the Valley. I'm sure that includes a dollar amount for Surprise.

So all this money was "brought in to the Valley?' Where's my cut. Oh sure the hotels and restaurants and home rentals benefited, but did residents get anything to offset our Surprise taxes. Never in 19 years in Surprise have I heard that the resident benefited.

Surprise did build a lovely ball park that is used for a little more than 30 days a year, and Surprise did build some apartments for the Rangers and the Royals for that time period. All residents paid for that to make sure the teams stay here.

I'm not against baseball, but would someone explain how the average homeowner benefited from all that money that comes into the community. I will stand corrected if shown.