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Schragel: Why the reluctance of Justice for Steven


Well Tom, I bet a lot of people are wondering the same as you were is the justice for Steven Deshazo killing and his loss to the family? I guess one should have some comfort with Bob Rose’s explanation, really?

So what we’re to understand is the person who committed this crime is hiding out and living comfortably at her sister’s, gave her vehicle away and not driving the streets. What was not said, did she have a driver’s license or was she driving a vehicle on pubic roads illegally when she drove over Steven. This unnamed 94-year-old after hitting his motorcycle, which tossed him onto the street, then drove over his body, which killed him. To top it off, did she stop and call 911 for medical assistance for Steven? Nope. She drove off back to her home like nothing happened, just a bump in the road. Why is she not in jail or under house arrest wearing a monitor?

This kind of states that if you’re old, say 94, you may illegally or legally have the right to run over a person, kill them and drive the Sun City West public roads (which are controlled by Maricopa County) without consequences or reluctance by the Maricopa County Attorneys Office to carry out justice in a timely manner. Is that a new one on the books?

I hope Steven’s family has a good attorney who not only seeks restitution from the perpetrator of this crime but also the reluctance of swift justice for his family.

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