Letter: "Frankly Speaking" site only source of information


In response to your cover story (“Committee works to increase voter turnout in RCSCW elections,” Sun City West Independent, Dec. 11, 2019) questioning the low voter turnout in Sun City West elections, a direct barb was printed criticizing the Frankly Speaking Facebook page and the site monitor, Frank Bagnato.

This site was followed by many because it was the only source of information regarding budget expenditures, the priority of projects and information from the board meetings. Many Sun City West residents still work and cannot attend the meetings, which are conducted during the mornings.

Mr. Bagnato devoted many hours to research the financials as a concerned resident and is to be commended for this work. The information posted was factual, well researched and on many occasions relayed incidents the Recreation Centers of Sun City West officias would have preferred to keep under cover.

The Frankly Speaking site will be missed by many.
Ruth Forsberg
Sun city west