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Johnson: Residents disappointed in delay on hit-and-run details


In regards to the fatal hit-and-run that occurred here in Sun City West on July 28, 2023, I myself was outraged when I learned of the 94-year-old driver that plowed into the back of motorcyclist Mr. Steven Deshazo, 57, who was legally stopped at a red light, killing him, and then leaving the scene. The driver was found shortly after and stopped. No arrest was made.

Obviously what is fueling the outrage for most of us is the “silence” about this and the length of time it is taking to ascertain “simple answers” for the concerned community! 

While yes a thorough investigation needs to take place, I believe the community should have been informed of at least two facts within a few days of this tragedy that took a life. First, is this driver still allowed to drive and in possession of a vehicle? Second, is this driver now under supervision? Clearing this up immediately would have allowed the community to feel a little safer.

In the Jan. 24 edition of the Sun City West Independent Opinion section, “Questions regarding incident in Sun City West,” I see Bob Rose has informed us the driver does not have a vehicle any longer and is no longer living in her home. Thank you for coming forward with this information.

As for the rest of the questions I’m sure we all have, I am hoping for complete transparency. I also hope this case is reviewed with a set of unbiased eyes and justice can be served for the victim Mr. Deshazo and his loved ones.

This fatal incident can serve as a wake-up call for all of us to speak up and report when we observe and have concerns about an individual driver’s abilities. Smarten up about ourselves and know our limits with driving as we age. No one wants to be responsible for taking the life of another.

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