Fire authority offering home safety assessments

Free service to AFMA residents


The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority is offering a complimentary and voluntary home safety assessment for residents in the Authority.

Trained AFMA volunteers will visit homes and conduct a safety walk through. The volunteers will then make fire safety recommendations to the homeowners.

Smoke detectors are among the items to be checked. The volunteers will determine if they are properly placed and in working order.

If there are fire extinguishers in the home the volunteers will check if they are fully charged and the residents now how to properly use them.

The AFMA volunteers will also check stoves and ovens for possible excessive grease buildup, whether circuit breakers and ground fault indicators are clearly identified, and whether hot water heaters and furnaces have proper clearance from clutter or flammable materials.

Additionally, the trained volunteers will check homes for potential electrical issues and tripping hazards. The volunteers will not endorse or recommend any safety products but simply offer an assessment on home safety and steps that can be taken to make it safer.

There is no cost for this service for residents living in the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority service area.

Residents who want an examination should contact the AFMA office at 623-544-5400 to schedule an inspection.


Note: Brian Curry is a volunteer with the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority.