Edward: No help on Sun City West bill with new stuff


I have a few comments that I would like to make regarding EPCOR billing procedure.

We purchased a new dishwasher, washing machine and installed a recycling hot water device that rather then let cold water go down the drain, it returns it to the hot water tank which soon delivers hot water. All these savings we considered would go to saving water, as well as our monthly bill.

To our disappointment, our bill only was reduced a few dollars. The reason being we are charged a flat rate for sewer treatment. My spouse passed away two years ago, my bill has remained about the same, and why, because I’’m charged a flat rate for sewer treatment.

My question is, why am I paying the same amount for sewer treatment as the other water users who may have two or maybe even 10 people living in their home. I’m not a mythical whiz kid, but I would assume a family of 10 or more would have more wastewater than a one-person household!

Combining the different communities to have us all pay the same amount is just as foolish. We are aware of our utility rates when we moved into our homes. We all did our homework. So after we moved in, why in the world should we start to complain? What is unfair is being stuck paying for a new water systems put into new communities. Why should I or anybody else be stuck paying for this outrages practice?

On this same thought is a letter written to the editor by Mr. Raymond R Krupa (“Some SCW areas pay for schools,” Sun City West Independent, March 18, 2020) about taxes. He thinks it is unfair that Sandridge HOA was zoned as commercial property and is paying into the Dysart Unified School District and the majority of Sun City West residents do not.

I can’t understand his thinking, when you purchase a home a normal person asks three questions — price of the home, prices of the various utilities and what are the taxes! It is not our fault he didn’t take Home Buying 101 and know how to ask such questions. He would then know his property will be taxed then, not now after he moved in! Why is it unfair? Nothing was withheld from him, the information was all there in front ready to be studied.

I was taught as a young child that I am responsible for my own decisions, nobody else. If I should error, then I pay for the mistake. It’s not any of my neighbors’ responsibility or my parents! All I can say to Mr. Raymond R. Krupa is to find who is responsible, look in a mirror.