BRUCHER: Could be more seats and tables


Very glad that Recreation Centers of Sun City West had their first BBQ Taste Festival this year!

This is an initiative worth taking, and I hope the organizers are asking, “How can we do better next year?”

To that end, I was stumped to see more than 30 porta-potties but very few tables or chairs. So they must have expected a crowd, right? But, why so few tables? We needed triple the amount that was there, along with many, many more seats. Most people had no place to sit and had to eat while standing up. Not impossible, but not really the best solution.

I’d really suggest expanding the overall footprint to about double the size as there was plenty of room to expand in the parking lot. It was kind of tight getting around. Many more garbage cans would make it easier to dispose of trash. They really should be plentiful.

Lastly, the lines were long to get food. If the lines moved faster, then the business would make more money, correct? Don’t all businesses strive to increase their sales? Maybe help the vendors with staffing and logistical ideas so the lines move quickly.

For next year, I hope the organizers will enact these changes. I feel this could be something that the community looks forward to and enjoys for many years to come. Let’s just make it better!

Kevan Brucher

 Sun City West