Rightway Pharmacy in Sun City takes innovative approach to combat opioid crisis


In order to win the war on opioids, Rightway Pharmacy, 14806 N. Del Webb Blvd., is aligning with opioid prescribers on a collaborative care approach using cannabinoids, such as CBD, that is proving to significantly reduce opioid use in their pain patients.

“We know that pharmacists are the last line of defense between the patient and the prescription,” stated Ken Patel, pharmacist and owner. “If we can educate our patients and our physicians on the research that’s out there, it shows that cannabinoids, such as CBD, are significantly reducing the amount of opioids that a patient may need.”

Mr. Patel is referring to two groundbreaking studies on cannabinoids and pain reduction. The Boehnke Study shows that adding cannabinoids, such as CBD, reduced opioid use by at least 60%. In the Reiman Study, 80% of patients felt that cannabinoids relieved their pain better than opioids.

“We’re doing a community outreach to physicians to let them know that there is something else out there other than opioids that’s non-addictive - and it works. I have chronic pain patients come in after trying Ananda Professional CBD products who are amazed at the results they are seeing,” stated Mr. Patel.

Rightway Pharmacy is a locally owned and independent pharmacy whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of the community it serves.

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