Knaack: Sun City golf courses are in good shape


The condition of the Sun City golf courses are doing very well because of the combined efforts of the organized committees and Sun City volunteers.

For example, the Green Committee is working everyday doing much more than mowing grass and marking the holes on the greens. Other tasks include edging shrubs, tee and desert areas; aerification of the fairways and greens; applying fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicides; planting trees and shrubs as needed; overseeding on a specific schedule; picking up debris; painting ornamental citrus trees; and roping off coyote areas during the reproduction season.

Then there is the Beautification Committee that provides projects that increase the appeal of the courses by replacing tee markers and broken tee holders, donating flowers for the pots by the club house when requested.

As a golfer you are also helping by driving on the cart path as much as possible and on the fairway only when necessary. 

When driving a golf cart use the 90-degree rule. This means approach your ball from the cart path at a 90-degree angle. Return to the cart path, whenever possible at a 90-degree angle.

When it is not possible to return to the cart path, drive on the fairway rather than the rough (Bermuda grass). Because of cooler weather conditions earlier this year the Bermuda grass is slowly greening up and driving on the Bermuda is matting it down and slowing its growth.

Don’t litter. Pick up debris to keep the course clean and out of the mouthes of animals.

Report hazards to the club house and don’t assume someone else reported it.

Sun City has many league players as well as non-league players and it takes all of us to keep the courses in the best condition as possible. Rounds of golf has increased for Sun City. Let’s keep it going.

Barbara Knaack
Lakes West Ladies Golf
publicity chairwoman

Sun City