Gerhart: Keeping well during a pandemic


What else can we do to stay well in a pandemic?

Since we know that those with weakened immune systems are the most vulnerable, what can we do to boost our immune system effectively, safely and Naturally?

A strong, balanced immune system can handle the coronavirus (COVID-19), keeping us well so that viral exposures create few, if any, symptoms or problems. Those with a mildly weakened immune system may experience cold symptoms. Those with a severely weakened immune system can get seriously ill and a small percentage will even die. In spite of our best efforts to slow the viral spread, the reality is that most of us will be exposed to the COVID-19 virus at some time. The issue now is to support our immune system so we stay well regardless of exposure to the virus.

There are numerous steps we can take to strengthen our immune system. The following is a list of the steps we recommend to our patients and staff.

  1. Most of our immune system is around our digestive tract (gut). Gut health and a healthy microbiome involves feeding our 100 trillion strong microbiome lots of healthy veggie fiber. Eating a diversity of veggie fibers is especially important. Veggie smoothies are a great way to easily introduce a healthy diversity of veggies and berries.
  2. Ensure that you are getting quality sleep and drinking enough water.
  3. Make sure our bowels are moving at least two times per day.
  4. Manage your stress level — meditation, prayer, saying “no,” letting go.
  5. Avoid sugar and junk food. Eat the fresh stuff, eat the rainbow of food colors, with a goal of nine colors per day.
  6. Supplement smart with a daily Core 4 of supplements. a. A high grade multiple vitamin; b. Vitamin K2-D3 5000 IU of Vitamin D with 180 mcg of Vitamin K2 is safe for almost everyone although some require higher levels. 25-OH Vitamin D3 and Serum Calcium blood testing is ideal to personalize dosage. c. Magnesium-Mag Citrate or Glycinate is a good place to start. d. Omega or quality fish oils to help regulate inflammation.
  7. Seek fermented foods like sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, Kombucha.
  8. High dose of Vitamin C, we typically recommend the fully buffered Vitality C at 4 grams per scoop.
  9. Biocidin, a broad spectrum anti-viral, antimicrobial formulation with more than 30 years of clinical use.
  10. A high grade probiotic. I especially like the newer spore-based probiotic blends.
  11. High dose Vitamin A, unless there is a possibility of becoming pregnant.
  12. Trizomal glutathione that boosts immune function.
  13. Colloidal Silver.
  14. Immunoglobulin concentrates.
  15. Spinal adjusting, especially the upper cervical atlas.
  16. Low level lasers, especially new FDA approved anti-bacterial, anti-microbial (includes viruses) violet and red laser.
  17. Use only soap and water for hand washing, avoid the antibacterial soaps and cleaners that harm our gut microbiome, ie: good gut bacteria.
  18. Use only organic pest control, again saving our important gut microbiome from being harmed.

This lifestyle can become a way of life by introducing new approaches one at a time. For a complimentary handout or email with more information, call 623-776-0206 or visit by going to the Resource Page and scroll down to the YouTube Channel page for a class on microbiome and gut health to address boosting the immune system.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Timothy Gerhart is Renovare Wellness By Design founder and director.

Keeping, well, during, pandemic