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Agent Sculley has them covered

Posted 11/3/22

Business name: Agent Sculley Insurance c/o home address for now in Sun City West; 480-343-5608, SculleyCNA@Gmail.com or SusanSculleyMCHI@Outlook.com.

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I am anchor

Agent Sculley has them covered


Name: Susan “SusAnn” Sculley, aka “Agent Sculley.”

Age: Ugh, I’m on Medicare now! Enough said! LOL!

Business name: Agent Sculley Insurance c/o home address for now in Sun City West; 480-343-5608, SculleyCNA@Gmail.com or SusanSculleyMCHI@Outlook.com.

Town/neighborhood: Sun City West, for over a decade now!

Personal background highlights: Raised in the Midwest, relocated to Arizona in early-mid 1970s. Missionary work and doing things for others has been natural to me even as a child. Even today, I have been a part of church singles group leadership and many missionary and/or outreach community efforts. I especially lean towards single-women ministry efforts because I find that, especially after many of us recently lost family/spouse family members/friends it left behind many more singles and many more individuals living alone, often in solitude, and coping with loss in silence. A few COVID years ago, I conducted outreach calls especially to single ladies, just to make sure they were okay. Someone needed to check on singles living alone during COVID! I also have been singing in our church choir for several years. I call it a ministry, not a choir, because I believe we are singing praises to Jesus, not necessarily singing for an audience! 

Professional background highlights: I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even as a child, I would pick dandelions in my yard and neighbor’s yard, cut grass; did many “childhood businesses” besides lemonade stands! Mostly I’ve worked in the insurance/sales/health care industry — worked at a hospital even during High School years — earned many certifications, and a degree plus post-degree coursework along the way. I find that business ownership can be one of the best ways to help individuals and communities throughout the world. Sales presentations are rampant, but exclusively educational workshops is what I have found to be a critical need in our Sun City West areas!

What I do: Currently, as a licensed health insurance broker in Arizona and multiple states, my greatest passion and focus is to help educate Medicare-eligible/Medicare recipients, especially in the Sun City areas, and then expand my educational Medicare 101 workshops to other areas — in person and via social media platforms, not just during the annual enrollment period Oct 15–Dec 7, but year-round. There is great reward in helping others understand complex issues, such as health care, but especially trying to make sense out of Medicare! Breaking down topics into bite-sized pieces and presenting in a way that walks them through a medical/health situation from start to finish, demonstrating examples via both the Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage experiences, as this is what separates my educational workshops from most any other agent/broker seminars. I prefer to incorporate interactive learning.

What I like most about doing business here: I love connecting with others and networking opportunities! “Serve others first” is on the top of my “Aways Do This List” as a business owner and as an individual, and especially as a “Christian — saved Soul!” Serve others first and foremost! I have lived in Sun City West for more than a decade, and now that I am also on Medicare, I love educating, helping and being an active advocate for seniors whom also are my friends, neighbors and/or my clients. I participate in as many Sun City West vendor events and/or as many community efforts-gatherings as possible, as I find it very helpful for others to meet business owners personally first, then professionally. Community activities allow others to see one’s authenticity, and to connect. Business, as with everything in life, is really “all about relationships.”

Previous occupation and why I left: Every position change naturally led to greater growth opportunities, so for me, it’s as if every career change knocked at my door first, and I simply entered in. All were pre-training for exactly what I’m doing now as a Medicare-health insurance broker!

Changes I’d like to see in this area: I’m not sure if others relate to this; however, since COVID forced a change from office to a home-based office, I and many others agree that it’s time to get back into an office environment that allows clients to come to and meet in person. Therefore, I would love to see a multi-office-share building or two in the Sun City West area. Something similar to the “Office Evolution” in Surprise and Peoria. They are growing beyond business owner’s needs across the country and world! I have searched for a small office that also allows access to a conference room, training rooms, presentation rooms and private office space for clients/neighbors to come to as often as possible and especially allows for more spontaneous meetings/trainings throughout the year! Sun City West has PORA and the Foundation seminar rooms; however, not all of our clients/prospects can plan ahead, and business owners can’t always predict how many will attend in advance. Seniors and retirees are very busy, active residents! Sometimes it’s tough to get them to commit to a pre-scheduled seminar! If they find something better or more fun to do that day they chose that vs. “this.” Sun City West has many business owners that would love to get their name, brand, services, products out there, and residents would love to learn about the services available to them first hand. So, I would love to see more vacant office buildings transitioned into a more updated purpose, especially utilizing the “Office Evolution” model! Office Evolution charges each business owner a monthly fee and has a variety of office lease package options available, and they have a long waiting list of business owners in Surprise (like me!) pleading for office space! Wouldn’t Sun City West benefit from this as well? Every office lease sign I called in Sun City West and Surprise for the past several months were taken barely before the sign was posted! If so many of us seek office spaces for our new or small business, it seems to be a dire need even in Sun City West. PORA and Foundation offer presentation rooms, but many of us require more than that, with more flexibility and options tailored to a variety of presentation/training/available dates/times and frequency schedules. I believe if we business owners could have an office space that is open to Sun City West residents to learn about what we offer, and to educate them, make them aware, regarding our growing, changing business services/products, we would fulfill many resident’s/individual’s needs that are not being met yet, these services/products are available!

What am I promoting: I’m really promoting myself as a most integrous Medicare–health insurance broker, senior advocate, who has a passion for getting nearly every Sun City West resident, caretaker and even business owners insurance and Medicare educated by providing small group or one-to-one educational workshops year round. Too many seniors are being taken advantage of and I intend to bring that to an end, at least as it relates to Medicare/health insurance.

What I’m excited about and why: I am excited to be a part of greater causes as we work in unison in order to help fulfill the many needs of our Sun City West community/residents and businesses.

Favorite community cause and why: Paper shredding fundraisers! COVID caused pile ups beyond belief and lines were so long that most vehicles were turned away at every one of them! Everyone comes together, dumps their junk in a safe and secure manor! Also, when someone passes away in senior communities, the homes are often purchased by investors or left to out of state family members that don’t have the time nor interest in going through their grandparents’ private papers, etc. Dumpsters are typically set outside the vacant homes, allowing every personal, private memory, important papers with every piece of identity (HIPPA and PHI) tossed into that huge dumpster! So, these paper shredding fundraisers help everyone, not just those that benefit from the cause.

When and why I started my business/employment here: Throughout my lifetime of work in the medical/pharmacy/hospital and insurance/sales industry, I learned quickly that most people have no idea what insurance plan they are on, let alone anything about health insurance. Since living in Sun City West, I noticed how befuddled caretakers, family members and seniors were, especially once they enrolled in Medicare. Whether my new clients are seniors that have been on Medicare for decades or are newly aging in to Medicare, the confusion is the same. After years of enrolling clients into their best fit plan, it occurred to me that most new clients never heard from their agent nor call center/carrier employed agent, so they never knew they needed to meet with a broker at least annually for a review of their plan. This year, I’ve made drastic changes that will address that problem. I will be conducting year round small group workshops on Medicare 101 basics, and a variety of topics that I will teach in small chunks of information at a time, so they can leave feeling much more educated, informed and especially, empowered as a Medicare recipient!

Where I came from and why I left: I grew up in the midwestern states, mostly Iowa. I came to Arizona in the early 1970s with family. 

My family: I am now the only family member in Arizona; relatives are scattered throughout the U.S.!

My interest and hobbies: Singing in the choir, reading and studying the Bible is top of my interest for fun laughter and fellowship. I especially enjoy outdoor activities, barbecues, pool parties, train rides with groups of people; it’s all about connecting with others, building relationships, encouraging and helping others to thrive in every aspect of their lives. But sharing laughter and fun times together is mandatory!

People who inspire me and how: Jesus and nearly every Biblical story teaches me to become the person God intended me to be, and to fulfill my greater purpose on earth. Individuals that especially inspire me are those that think out of the box and especially that have foresight and are visionaries, such as Dr. Sperling, who started UOP, a different concept of education tailored for baby boomers’ needs, and Del Webb, who knew decades ahead of time that baby boomers and/or the previous generation would need things like grab bars, golf cart garages, lit up light switches, walk-in showers, decades before they became a part of other communities and houses. Both of these gentlemen were visionaries — saw the future needs and manifested their visions! That took courage!

My guiding philosophy: Serve others first — always! Do something, give something to others “just because.” It’s amazing how others then tend to emulate that quality, that action, that philosophy. Ever buy someone else’s groceries — just because? Ever tell that person counting change, or ordering the cheapest thing on the menu, once you pay for their meal, just because — and, if possible, preferably, doing it anonymously. One of the things I enjoy the most is serving-doing for others just because, and for no other reason. I have given away a vehicle, and given away a mobile home. Not everyone can do things like that, but we can all at least offer to let someone behind us in the grocery line go before us, especially when we have lots of groceries.

My advice to today’s youth: Be your authentic self, be very intentional with whom you spend your most time with, those whom influence you the most. It is said — and it is true — who you hang around with the most now is likely whom you will become within 2-5 years. Beware and be intentional. Strive to allow yourself to be around those whom inspire you, help you learn and grow. Spend time in His word so you know the truth — it is the one book, and only true author of “how to live, learn and love” manual.