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Wheat: Asking candidate to stop ad


First let me say thank you Ruben Gallego for your service to our country.

A lot of men that have served their country have seen combat as you, but there is one difference that I find in your TV commercials and that is that most men and women that have been in combat do not talk about it. The only way most veterans that have seen combat will talk about what they have experienced is to another veteran that has been in combat.

I served my time in Germany and the closest I came to combat was when they built the East German wall, and my unit was called up for support. But I’m also old enough to remember the Vietnam era and I had a lot of friends that saw combat, lost limbs, etc. and they would not talk about what they did or saw.

So, I ask Ruben Gallego to please stop running that ad about your combat service — whatever that may have been doesn’t qualify you or disqualify you for running for the Senate and quite frankly I am tired of it.

Robert L. Wheat

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