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Sarah West | Sun City West

West: Democrats are the root of slavery’s evil

In response to Dennis Crooks letter, “Slavery not comparable to writer’s chores.” First of all, you were replying to George Simousek, yet you failed to acknowledge George was talking about reparations. Paragraph four. To clarify, Mesopotamian (Iran/Iraq) and the ancient East, specifically, China and India, were the first countries where slavery originated. Jim Crow laws? Yes, awful. Segregation, (drinking fountains), etc. However, it is worth mentioning that since its founding in 1829, Democrats have fought against every civil rights initiative and have a long history of discrimination. The Democrat party defended slavery, and founded the KKK. You can’t change history, despite your feeble attempt to ignore it. In the 1960s (1964), the only Congressional opposition to the civil rights act came from Democrats! Eighty percent of Republicans supported the Bill. Dems falsely claim the Republican party is the villain, when, truthfully, it is the Democrat party that have kept blacks down. Dennis, do you support these racist measures by the Democrat party? Let’s remember and acknowledge that neither we nor our parents or grandparents had any slaves at all! So, Dennis, are you, as a “privileged White American,” OK with paying reparations to every single Black, somewhat Black, or half Black individual? OR, the past five generations of blacks with a tiny .07% of black? The Reparations Bill is calling for $14 trillion to be paid to Black people. California alone would top $800 billion. Why would any breathing American today be OK with that? Well, I suppose if they didn’t understand it’s going to cost them in their taxes but what can you say about the ignorant?