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Weiers: Glendale mayor will run on record, not attacks


For as long as I can remember, Glendale voters have had choices when it comes to voting for Mayor, and I think that’s a healthy thing. But Glendale voters certainly deserve better than Paul Boyer’s already negative and personal campaign.

As Mayor, I’ve worked to bring our city together. To save us from bankruptcy. To protect public safety and work with police and fire to give them the equipment and support they need to keep us safe. To bring jobs and economic stability to our city. To welcome world class events that don’t just bring in much needed revenue, but shine a spotlight on our amazing city.

Succeeding as a city often means overcoming challenges and obstacles, and as one of our State Legislators, Paul Boyer was a constant obstacle, who attacked our city instead of representing it. Voters got tired of his attacks and flip-flops, he was censured for his actions, and he quit running for reelection when he saw that he could not win.

I welcome Paul to the race for Mayor but urge him to resist his natural instincts to attack our city, our people, and our successes. Glendale has overcome some remarkable challenges and is one of Arizona’s great success stories, with growth, new jobs, a balanced budget, no new taxes or tax increases for years, a completed roads program, and outstanding contracts for our police and fire departments. If Paul believes he can improve on that record, he should make his case for it. But targeting Glendale as he has for so many years, is the wrong way to win the support of our great people.

For myself, I love our city and our people, and I’ll be running on my record of success, improvement, charitable involvement, and support for our diverse population and economy. It has been my greatest honor to work for the people of Glendale, and I’ll be proud to do so for four more years if they so choose.

Jerry Weiers has been the mayor of Glendale since 2013. Prior to that he served four consecutive terms in the Arizona House of Representatives, representing Arizona’s 12th District.


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