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Thompson: Revolving door on Sun City board cuts MV chances


Question: Since 2017, how many changes have been made in Recreation Centers of Sun City board member personnel?

If they haven’t made a decision regarding the plans that have been worked on for the past six years, they will never get a 100% agreement. There’s always someone who thinks they have a better plan! In the meantime, several of the original board members of both the pros and the cons have passed away, and many more will before any decision is made.

The performing arts center plans have been in the works Since 2017. Money has been spent on blue prints and plans. People have stayed with this plan with dedication since 2017. And now a new board has different wants!

I’m sure I won’t live to see any original plans come to completion. The RCSC board is a merry-go-round. Count the board changes since 2017. Put three people ina room to vote on the room temperature. Guess, out of the three, how many agree.

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