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Speak Up: Hobbs doesn’t have solution for Arizona’s affordable housing crunch


Gov. Katie Hobbs said Thursday she has no solution to the problem of available housing being converted into vacation rentals.

  • “There’s a solution. There will be affordable housing when we see the biggest economy crash in history.” — Shea Nelson via story comment
  • “Simple. Let landowners build enough casitas for both residents & visitors.” — @AndyfromTucson via X
  • “I was disappointed that she signed it. STR are a blight on our neighborhoods. Without a prohibition against STR this will cause more problems. It is time for her to become a better leader.” — @smartncool9 via X
  • “I sure don’t see how casitas are going to help with homelessness. For someone building a casita, I doubt that is their target renter. I’m disappointed in Hobbs.” — @4sweetjustice via X

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