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Backer: Defending the former president


Let me start out quoting a banner I recently came across “Mean Tweets-World Peace.”

I think this captures my view of President Trump. He tells it like it is (mean to some) and basically moved us out of world conflicts (peace). Look what is happening now; Russia war machines are on our doorstep, war is happening in Ukraine, war in Israel (Gaza now and it looks like Lebanon very soon), and China/Taiwan.

Our economy is in shambles, look at groceries and every other expense/bill that you pay. Don’t tell me that inflation is easing because it isn’t. The petrodollar is no longer the reserve currency for every country’s oil purchases.

Many countries are starting to use precious metal backed currencies to make their cross border purchases (oil included but not only oil). Our money is only backed by a promise and the “good faith” of our govt. Yellen is having trouble selling treasuries to fund our govt which means sooner or later (probably sooner) the U.S. economy will drop like a rock. Your so-called Democracy has bled this country and it’s “legal citizens” dry. By the way, we were established as a Republic not Democratic, there is a big difference.

You want to keep God out of government but that is exactly what got us in our current mess. Did you not notice some of the creatures that the Biden administration put in responsible roles? Godless, soulless, and I would even call some of them satanic. I couldn’t disagree with you more when you say keep God out of government.

President Trump is not against immigration, only uncontrolled illegal immigration. Again, a big difference between the two. I truly wish people would stop calling this invasion at our borders immigration because it is not, it is illegal.

President Trump’s plan is to shrink government and the bureaucracy. Make agencies and bureaucrats serve “We the People.” Yes, there will be people who are going to be dealt with very harshly when President Trump is back in office because they committed treason.

I noticed your only comment about Biden was your last sentence which said Biden is only three years older than President Trump. Is that really all you have in support of your apparent candidate? Did you notice Biden’s actions at the recent Normandy Memorial? Pathetic!

Paul Backer
Sun City West