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Shinkoskey: Authoritarians in their own fraternity


MAGA’s candidate for president is good buddies with Russian president Putin, who exiles, disqualifies, or kills political opponents like Alexei Navalny.

That should tell us something about Mr. Trump and his personal political methods and goals.

Many of the former President’s MAGA cronies in Congress don’t want to help Ukraine fight Putin off in that part of the world because those two buddies are so tight.

Wow, the Republican party has fallen pretty darn far away from its stridently anti-communist days, hasn’t it?

Here is the reason why. Authoritarian rulers don’t care whether their fellow national rulers are liberal or conservative, religious or anti-religious. The bond that holds them together is that they all wield absolute power in their respective political realms. No one else knows how much fun that is for the person in charge except others in the same boat.

Authoritarians comprise a very special fraternity today just like the kings and queens of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Those folks intermarried with each other’s families and supported one another no matter how tyrannically some ruled their countries.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Putin, Navalny, MAGA