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Schweers: Trump’s claims are outrageous and false


No words are strong enough to express my outrage at MAGA Republicans who would destroy our democracy and rule of law in order to placate a twice-impeached, four-time-indicted person who was found guilty in civil court of sexual assault and defamation, and criminally guilty of 34 felony charges by 12 mutually-agreed-upon jurors (two who even claimed to get their news from Truth Social). Three trials remain.

So many Republicans previously attacked Trump as totally unfit, mentally ill, dangerous to our nation, etc., but have done a complete about-face to pander to Trump by parroting his ridiculous, dangerous claims that the justice system is corrupt, weaponized and rigged by Biden to prevent his presidency. This is outrageous and false. 

The Truth: Biden has no jurisdiction over state courts.

If Biden were using the presidency to influence the courts, wouldn’t he have thrown out the case against his son, Hunter? Any other defendant in Trump’s situation would be incarcerated pending sentencing. Privileged, not targeted.

Trump’s attacks on jurors, judges, their families, witnesses, etc. are extremely dangerous. His words have already caused our Capitol to be violently overrun and innocent people to be terrorized and killed.

Trump projects his own crimes onto Biden. It’s Trump who said he plans to use the justice system for “retribution and revenge.”

Crime nationwide is down substantially. Areas with the most undocumented have the lowest crime rates. Immigrants can’t vote. Our economy is thriving, setting records.

It’s unfathomable that Trump, convicted felon, would be barred from joining any military service but if elected would be Commander-in-Chief of all military, receiving classified briefings, even though we still don’t know why he illegally retained classified nuclear documents or what he did with them.

The one job for which a felon is eligible should not be President of the United States.

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