Sawyer: Ballots should be reserved for elderly


Ballots should be reserved for disabled or elderly. It’s unreasonable for one to think that an official can be physically present when a voter casts a write in ballot. However, with technology the voter can login to a secure site and sign their ballot virtually in front of an election official.

There is no perfect mechanism for preventing fraud, however this can be one option to accomplish having a voter sign in to an election website and be in the vertial presence of an official official. This will eliminate travel time and afford the opportunity for election staff to verify the voters ID and certify the voter is completing the ballot.

Populations in nursing homes, hospital and other facilities that have a large number of voters besides could be visited by officials to manage the efficiency of multiple voters. Other than disabled or elderly there should be no mail in balance, as individuals have the ability to take off work between the election hours designated by law.