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Sagun: Rules are clear when someone buys in Sun City


When you purchase property in Sun City and before close of escrow, you are to read and sign the covenants, conditions and restrictions, acknowledging that you understand the rules and stipulations as a new homeowner.

A building cannot be built that has a higher roof line than the home. A visual view indicates the building is out of compliance (“Large garage is within all rules,” Sun City Independent, Feb. 1, 2023). The home in question at Palmeras and Spanish Moss drives has a 2-story building that stretches from the property line all the way across the back of the property.

The purpose, I suppose, is to house a huge motorhome and that is also prohibited in Sun City, also out of compliance.  Your selfishness has devalued the properties in your neighborhood. I talked to some of your neighbors and they had some very unflattering comments directed towards you, so not all is rosy in your neighborhood as you indicated. 

I get it, you love your motorhome, but not all neighbors do. Del Webb thought of that when he created this community by establishing a storage facility and that’s where motorhomes belong when not in use. There are several in the west valley, why was that not an option? I think you would have been better served on an acreage where you have more latitude to build and house all your toys. Building a 2-story building in a 1-story community in inappropriate.

I encourage everyone to support the Sun City Home Owner’s Association so that they have the resources to rectify the necessary changes to maintain our community as it was intended.

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