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Rolph: Time for a cool change?


The RCSC members constant bickering between each other on gym floors over ceiling fans, complaining to staff members and remote control vandalism created the problem. And that behavior forced the RCSC to become the solution.

And removing the remote controls was the correct solution. Each member can come up with any personal justification why they want the fans on or off. Or at a higher speed or lower speed.

But none of that cures the never ending battle and constant arguing over ceiling fans that is carried out on the gym floors between members. All of this combined is why the RCSC was forced to set the fans at one speed and remove the remote controls. It was the correct decision to stop friction between members.

If you insist on more air speed at the gym, why not try a personal battery operated fan that temporarily clips to the machine you are on?

That provides the higher air speed where you want it directed without affecting anyone else. And take it with you when you are done. Seems like a plausible solution to at least try. It’s individual problem solving instead of group complaining.

Mark Rolph

fan, cool, RCSC