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Letter to the Editor

Rogers: Partisan headline not wanted in Scottsdale Independent


First, I want to tell you that I generally enjoy reading your articles and I think you provide a wealth of good information to the local Scottsdale community. Thank you for that.

That said, you sell yourself as a nonpartisan community newspaper. The article on page 22, entitled “4 valley cities federal funding . . .” is anything but partisan when you feel you must add the sub -line “Biden-Harris Administration Announces . . . “

That subheading adds no value whatsoever and suddenly turns the article partisan before ever reading. The heading said it all. We all know what “federal funding” means.

That’s a mistake on your part for people who want to get their news and information from nonpartisan sources. This certainly puts me on alert going forward.

Please eliminate these kinds of references in your heading, subheads, and within your articles. I believe that this reflects the opposite of the mission that you sell and promote to the general public. I’m disappointed.

Jim Rogers