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Provateare: Sun City center parking lot, 99th Avenue needs repair


I’ve noticed the strip center on 99th Avenue and Bell Road where Arby’s is located has a terrible parking lot.

I recommend putting mouth guards on and a helmet while driving through there. You watch and you see cars playing dodge that hole. I’m sure the owner doesn’t give them any allowance off their rent for having a terrible parking lot. Around Mcdonalds they paved that, I’m wondering if  the businesses had it done themselves.

Also, 99th Avenue is starting to get worn with some potholes and areas that are becoming worn.

I moved here from Phoenix and Sun City has great roads compared to there. I hope they still keep that ranking to Phoenix.

So I think Sun City should start a new club called “Dodge that Hole,” where we can drive our golf cars and wear helmets and mouth guards and drive around that parking lot and see how many holes you can dodge. It could become an Olympic sport.

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