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Pace: Party house with 300 people shut down


This past weekend in Paradise Valley on Lost Dutchman Road, 300 people were being shuttled to a home where allegations are that alcohol was being served potentially as a pop-up bar.

The PV police took hours to shut down the party and issue citations.

Bars have been shut down pursuant to Governor Ducey’s Executive Order. But, it appears that entrepreneurs are renting and opening pop-up bars in houses in Paradise Valley in violation of the governor’s orders and the laws.

Make sure to call the Paradise Valley Police Department to report party houses, noise, parking issues, unruly behavior, or unlawful behavior so that potential violations can be addressed. The non-emergency PV police phone number is 480-948-7410.

Also, get to know the owners of properties in your neighborhood and call them directly if abuses such as party houses crop up in your neighborhood.

Municipalities are currently limited on restrictions that can be imposed on party houses. The Arizona State Legislature adopted a law giving greater rights to short-term rentals as compared to existing residences and families in neighborhoods.

We need all residents to let Governor Ducey and legislators know that municipalities and towns need to be able to regulate these types of abuses and violations occurring from short term rentals and they need to help residents stop party houses in their neighborhoods.

The short-term rentals are adversely affecting neighborhoods throughout the great state of Arizona.

Residents are pleading with state-wide elected officials to help them take back their neighborhoods from these intrusive party houses and short-term rentals.

Make sure your voice is heard!

Editor’s Note: Julie Pace is an elected member of Paradise Valley Town Council, and currently seeking re-election in the upcoming Aug. 4 primary election.