Open 2023-24 enrollment soon to be underway for Chandler USD


CHANDLER — Even though classes weren’t set to resume for Chandler Unified School District students until Jan. 10, parents of many students spent part of the winter break preparing for 2023-24 class and campus registration.

Open 2023-24 enrollment for the district begins on Jan. 9 at 7:30 a.m. — and, according to the district website, not a minute before.

The district’s  open enrollment applications were made available on in December, but the district isn’t accepting completed applications until 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 9.

Applications submitted before that time will not be processed and will be returned for resubmittal at the correct date/time.
Kindergarten and pre-K registration is set to begin Jan. 11.

The district prides itself on being a premier district of choice and on providing outstanding educational programs at all grade levels.

“Open enrolment enables Arizona students to attend public schools outside their attendance area,” the district says in a website statement. “In accordance with state law, the district has established an open enrollment policy and implemented an open enrollment program without charging tuition for non-resident students and resident transfer students.”

All incoming Elite Performance Academy students will use the “elementary” application. Incoming AJHS and Basha AMS 6th grade students will use the “secondary” application.

The website also has a page that shows open enrollment capacity by school, as some campuses have specialized programming and/or emphasis on certain program areas, but have limited staffing.

Parents can choose from a menu of personalized learning experiences that parents can select if it best meets the needs of their children:

• Self-contained gifted programs (Chandler Academically Talented Students)

• Traditional academies

• Honors classes and Advanced Placement courses

• International Baccalaureate Program

Chandler Unified School District is an open enrollment district.
Open enrollments can be submitted via email to the secondary school’s registrar or to the office of secondary education.

Applications may also be dropped off at the secondary school site or at the district office (with the exception of ACP Middle School, utilize the online application available online).

The district says it’s a full-year commitment.

“It’s expected that the student on open enrollment remain at the requested school for the entire school year,” the district says on “Revoking an open enrollment to return to boundary CUSD school mid-year requires district approval.”

For students not currently attending a CUSD school, the district must receive must have the most recent grade report or transcript, attendance, discipline reports and current individual education plan (if applicable).

“If any of this information is missing, the application cannot be processed,” the district says.

One application per student is accepted. The district also wants to avoid confusion by having each parent submit one applications to one school site.

Above all, the district says, information submitted must be truthful.

“Providing false information will result in the request being denied and/or admission being revoked,” the district says.

Transportation, including busing, is not provided to students on open enrollment. It’s recommended students remain at their current school while awaiting open enrollment decision.

“Please do not withdraw your student frm school until open enrollment has been approved,” the district says. “Approved students will receive an open enrollment decision letter, which will detail your next steps.”

Eligibility for athletics and certain extracurricular activities might be affected when students transfer from one CUSD school to another, the district says. A student considering transfer is advised to discuss his/her situation with the athletic director at the site of current enrollment.

There are also special considerations on the website regarding Chandler Online Academy. See for more information.

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