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Mynars: Trump’s choice of words


At this time of the year – specifically Saturday, Dec. 30 – I’ve always thought that the vocabulary accompanying a “seasons' greeting” or a “happy holidays” message – regardless of one’s ethnicity, social standing, religion, politics, etc. – should be friendly, positive, hopeful, etc. You know…nice!

But after reading a few of the Truth Social greetings (if you could call them that) from Donald Trump, a number of words/terms caught my eye, and they were definitely…not nice.

So here’s my top 10, in no particular order (my apologies if they darken your day or put you in a prolonged bad mood/funk): Vermin, poison, dictator, retribution, death, animals, indict, rot in hell, whack job and all-out war (scariest of all?)

So, outside of a colonoscopy (I’m a senior citizen and know about this!), what could be worse than electing a man who uses this kind of language in the holiday season, for president of our country over “sleepy” Joe Biden, who may move slowly but has worked quickly for the benefit of our country?

 So, “remember in November” could be right up there with “remember the Alamo!”

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