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Anable: Spring cleaning means keeping devices in shape


Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home and closet, it’s a great time to make sure your technology is running at peak efficiency.

Particularly for the home where there are 17-plus devices on average using the internet, lightning-speed is a necessity, as is high-quality video streaming and speedy file downloads.

With just a little TLC, home networks can get close to maximum speeds in no time. Many internet providers encourage customers to give their technology a “checkup” every few years for optimal performance.

There are many reasons why home internet service might be acting slow. Basic solutions include restarting the router or modem, and monitoring how many people in the house are using the internet at that time. Rebooting the equipment or upgrading old cable boxes, modems, routers and mesh systems might just be the simple fix it needed.

Other factors impacting speed may be selecting a lower-level internet plan with reduced upload and download speeds, whether the computer or device connecting is hardwired to the internet or running on WiFi, and the age of the internet hardware in the home.

According to SolarWinds, bandwidth is the capacity at which a network can transmit data. In general, the more devices and streaming services someone has, the more bandwidth they will need.

Ensuring a specific plan can support a household’s broad array of devices and bandwidth demands is the first step in determining whether an internet upgrade is necessary.

Cox Communications suggests users weigh the benefits of an internet upgrade of both the hardware and the carrier plan. Not only will it provide a more stable internet connection, but it can also ensure compatibility with the newest devices and protect users from cyber threats.

Consumers seeking assistance with updating their modems or recommendations on the latest models can visit their local Cox store  or chat online with a support team at Cox.com.

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