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Mynars: I propose a qualification exam for candidates and appointees


The media has made much regarding the ages and mental attributes of the two presidential candidates. In the other branches of government, the average age in the Senate is 64 years, House 58.4 and Supreme Court 78.7 – enough said.

Regarding mental attributes: a Georgia congresswoman recently stated that the recent east coast earthquake and the eclipse on April 8 were warnings that God was not happy with the state of affairs in our country and that Donald Trump should be reelected to remedy the situation (no confirmation from God on this).

One conclusion might be that our country needs younger political leaders with intelligence, knowledge and common sense; merit. Individuals who will make informed and reasoned decisions regarding the present along with an eye toward the future.

So, I propose the “Candidate/Appointee Qualification Exam” for all federal candidates running for office and judicial appointees under some age limit. The exam would have two sections. First, factual questions relating to the Constitution and the mechanics of how our liberal democracy functions; norms, procedures, etc. The questions would be multiple choice and it would be up to candidates/appointees to bone up prior to the test on their own.

The second section is opinion or viewpoint questions relating to contemporary situations facing our country. Example: Do you believe that the president should have totally immunity for all actions taken while in office? Yes or no and the rationale for your response. The responses would be given verbally, recorded and evaluated by some kind of AI (to be developed) then given a score based on some kind of algorithm (to be developed) based on research of some bipartisan academics (to be selected).

All would be made available to the public to assist voters in making intelligent choices. No campaigning, no parties, lots of merit.

Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.