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Mueller: Regarding airport concerns in Goodyear


Regarding concerns with Goodyear Airport:

The opinion writer lives 7.3 miles from the airport, which is not close, at that distance no trainee flies at rooftop altitude. FAA rules are strictly adhered to.

Goodyear was not a functioning airport, this is misinformation.

Lufthansa had a operational training academy just like United. It was stated that [LH did] “not [fly] very often,” however, they flew regularly, just as UAL does today.

About Goodyear’s growth, traffic and noise, it’s a matter of progress, people have to decide where they would like to live that’ll suit them. I heard one person had voiced negative opinions 1,400 times about small aircraft noise at Goodyear airport and the city to various agencies.

I support the Goodyear Airport, the Mayor and City Council in growing Goodyear‘s business and safety for its citizens.

What’s next, an all-out assault on the Air Force when F-16s and F-35s kick in afterburners on take off?

Sig Mueller

Goodyear, airport