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Mardis: Summer home painting safety tips


The heat and random rainstorms may cause some issues when painting your home during the summer, but it can still be done if you do it the correct way. Having been in the residential painting industry in the Valley for over a decade here are a few summer home painting tips so you can obtain the best results.

When is it too hot to paint?

Arizona summers get hot fast. You must take this into consideration when deciding to paint your home. It is best to avoid painting your home when the temperature reaches 95 degrees and above. Always avoid painting in direct sunlight, especially if the paint is a dark color. Move with the sun when you are painting. Stick to painting the shady side of the home for best results during the summer. If you aren’t sure if it is too hot to paint your home and get the best results, contact a professional for a consultation.

Dealing with rain

Arizona is well known for having a “dry” heat. However, once monsoon season begins random storms can pop up throughout the day. When deciding to paint your home find a stretch of three to four dry days with low wind and never paint within 24 hours of a storm.

Avoiding rain is always a good idea when it comes to painting your home. Houses without eaves are especially prone to rain issues while painting. Eaves protect the paint on the body of the home. Homes with no eaves are susceptible to streaking in the paint when it rains, requiring it to need repainting. It is always best to check your local forecast and stay clear of rainy days when possible.

Painting metal

Metal doors and railings in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day will create problems with the paint drying too quickly, leaving patterns on the surface. The direct sunlight on these areas can also affect the durability of the paint job. If you have metal door frames and railings that need painting do these areas when this part of the home is in the shade for best results.

The best time to paint

Painting during the hot summer months not only causes problems with the paint but is also potentially dangerous for your health. Arizonans know all too well the dangers of being outside for prolonged periods of time during the summer. Common health problems that arise due to the heat include, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dizziness and cramps. If you are determined to paint your home during the summer, it is best to start at daybreak and try to stop by 1 p.m. to prevent health-related issues.

When painting in the heat, stay in the shaded areas of the home and move with the sun. This not only helps keep you out of direct sunlight but also results in a better paint job.

Heat-related safety tips

When working outside in the summer it is important to know how to keep yourself safe. Here are a few common heat-related safety tips you should follow when painting during the summer: drink plenty of water, familiarize yourself with heat-related health symptoms, take breaks, stay out of direct sunlight, and go indoors with the air-conditioner often to cool off.

Painting a home is a large, time-consuming job. The hot weather adds quite a few complications so understanding these issues can help you get the job done right while staying safe. Before painting your home in the summer, it is always best to consult with a professional to find out the best way to do the job.

Editor’s note: Kelly Mardis is the owner of Marcel Painting in Phoenix. Marcel Painting has been serving the Valley for 15 years providing high quality residential and commercial painting services.

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