Kvaran: Are reparations due?


It is always amusing to see the lengths that people will go to to devise “rational” arguments to support positions that their emotions drive them into (“Democrats are the root of slavery’s evil” Sept. 13).

Take the POV that the Democrats were the racists during the Civil Rights Acts passage. Okay, but political parties are not racist, (there are exceptions), people are. So after Lyndon Johnson pushed the Civil Rights Act through Congress, large portions of the voting population in the South voted for segregationist candidate George Wallace, who carried 5 former Confederate States of America in 1968.

In the 1972 election the Republicans carried the whole South, and with the exception of some states who voted for Carter and Clinton have done so ever since.

They then proceeded to gerrymander black voters wherever possible. Are there some reparations due for all this? And more? Could be.

Einar Kvaran