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Koch: Developing Amkor in Vistancia disservice to community


Awhile back there was a notice to change the Vistancia commercial core zoning that would allow different uses than previously allowed. I raised the issue with the city liaison at the time, whose name I cannot recall, but my concern was that taking away land for more residential use would lesson what the commercial center might become for Vistancia. I do, however, support the idea of mixed-use development as it can allow for a more vibrant community and walkable neighborhoods.

However, I have recently woke up to the article in the April issue of the Peoria Independent  ("Not everybody is happy with new Amkor location").

Seeing the image of the facility and the scale of it kind of blew me away. And then looking at the map of the Vistancia commercial core location I have to ask exactly where this development is going to be located within the core site? I would like, and think many would like, to see a map showing this to scale and its relationship to the remainder of the commercial core.

First off, this type of development is not compatible with the nature of the Vistancia community on a scale basis alone. This is a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, not what I would expect to see in Vistancia. While it is hopefully not an operation that will be environmentally noticed within the community, with its job creation potential, I would question how many of the employees will come from within Vistancia itself. As such, it will likely create more traffic from outside the community than from within.

I have not paid too close attention to the city council and mayor issues, but I have noticed there is a lot of discussion regarding the transparency of the city business. I also have the impression that Mayor Beck may be a bit of a bully in how he conducts the business of the city. I have the impression that he is driving his image of what Peoria should become. And with this image he has in mind, he often runs over the views of others to achieve his goals.

Having a vision is not a bad thing but it needs to be shared when it effects the community.

And while I know the tax dollars and the potential income generation and money for the city, as well as the developers need for the financial return on investment, I do not think governing by money alone will necessarily generate the best outcome we hoped for living in Vistancia.

I think the decision to allow Amkor to develop the project in this location, the Vistancia land developer and the city are doing a disservice to the community. I had expected and hoped to see more shopping in this core area and not need to travel across the Valley to Scottsdale to find that.