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Kolodin: Taking the cases nobody wants — and winning


I’ve been in the courtrooms serving and representing Arizonans since the day I graduated law school.

I made my name in Arizona taking on the cases nobody else wanted. All the while, I never shied away from a tough fight.

When our state was just climbing out of the depths of the Great Recession, I was finishing my law degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Nothing could stop me from realizing my dream of owning my own Arizona business.

I opened the Kolodin Law Group in a windowless back office. At first, people teased me about the name — I was the only member of the “Group”.

Despite the fact that I was striking out on my own, I took on the hardest cases. Cases involving government misconduct that no other lawyer was willing to touch. I fought against attempts to rig elections. I fought against the sweetheart deals.

Eventually, people caught on.

Our firm became a collection of the finest conservative lawyers in the Valley and, eventually, nationally. My team and I aren’t afraid of any case.

In one of my first cases for election integrity, Americans United for Democracy v. Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, I represented a coalition of concerned citizens who were seeking public access to election data the county was hiding.

Before 2020, I saw firsthand how inept and indignant governments could be when citizens wanted answers.

The lessons I learned in Santa Cruz would inform how I fought for election integrity in Arizona.

Then, when former Maricopa County Recorder Democrat Adrian Fontes (now a Secretary of State candidate) tried playing tricks with our elections, I sued him for sending Arizona voters instructions that would have spoiled their ballots and wreaked havoc on counting efforts, leading to immeasurable abuse and fraud.

The Arizona Supreme Court sided with us, and election integrity won the day.

I’ve since defended the Arizona Republican Party and the audit team when the Democrats tried to stop our audit in court. Most recently, I’ve defended Congressman Paul Gosar when the Democrats tried to kick him off the ballot.

Funny how the Democrats talk about saving democracy but try to use the courts for their partisan agenda to subvert the will of the people.

Arizona depends on people who step up and take on the establishment and the progressives alike.

Arizonans need solutions, not more talk and empty air from politicians who don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care to do their job.

They need someone who will fight for them.

That’s why I’m taking on my next case, to be your next State Representative in the Arizona Legislature for LD3.

When I’m in the legislature, my experience as an attorney will put me a step ahead of my colleagues.

I’ll have the inside experience to fight for free and fair elections, secure borders, low taxes, quality education, constitutional freedoms, and a stable water supply.

You know my record, you know my priorities, and you know I’m a fighter, so put your trust in someone who won’t back down from the fight.

Visit alexforaz.com.

About the author

Alex Kolodin is a Republican primary candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives for Legislative District 3.