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Koch: Graphics derail story about park parity in Peoria


The article ("City looks to achieve parity in Peoria's park system," Independent print edition) was interesting and the graphics on page 22 were well organized and helped in understanding the discussion of park parity by region.

However, on page 27, the graphics completely fell apart in supporting the discussion which was parks parity. The graphic Neighborhood Parks Condition Index was a kaleidoscope of colors not organized in the same manner as the previous graphics on page 22. Instead, it was organized by the alphabetic order of the parks' names and not the district in which they occurred. Had they been organized by the districts, which supported the overall discussion of parity, it would have made the issue and pattern of park conditions by region, much more readily clear as to the parity issue.

While the graphic was perhaps developed by the city, or if it was created by the staff at the Independent, it would seem to be one of hiding or at least confusing the reader from the issue being discussed.

Editor's note: The graphics the reader is referencing were created by the city of Peoria.